About Us

Downtown Plaza, Red Wing MN

Meet the staff

The devoted, enthusiastic team at The Downtown Plaza works hard to make our Red Wing, Minnesota, senior community a family.

Teresa Miller Senior Housing Manager

“As Senior Housing Manager I am responsible for renting the different apartments, keeping track of the rent payments and utilities, managing the building and ensuring that the plaza residents and staff have a great place to work and a great place to call home. My favorite part of my job is meeting the residents and their families. I love hearing their story and learning how we can help continue their story.”

Lola, Resident Services Coordinator

“As Resident Services Coordinator, I am in charge of creating and organizing the recreation calendar and I act as a resource when people need assistance or information on particular issues or a service. My favorite part of my job is seeing the smiling faces of the residents during the course of an event that I organized or seeing someone happy because they are able to live independently here with as little or as much service as they need.”

JoAnn Anderson, Housekeeper

“As housekeeper, I am responsible for the cleanliness of all common areas, offices and vacated apartments and guestrooms. I look forward to work every day as residents become like family, and my co-workers make a great team.”

Bruce Hanson, Maintenance Technician

“As a skilled maintenance technician, it is my job to maintain and repair all operating functions of the building. My job is rewarding when I hear comments from internal and external customers about how nice the building is maintained and I enjoy hearing the stories and compliments from the Plaza residents and families.”

Greg Domke, Custodian

“Being a custodian at The Downtown Plaza, I have split job responsibilities. Half my time is spent in housekeeping and the other half in maintenance. I enjoy working with my colleagues and also enjoy the appreciation shown by the residents for all the things I do for them.”